The Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style 12v Charger And Starter: The Latest Evaluation

As a way to save money, many people today are preparing to do car repairs on their own. In case you are one of those people who may have turned your garage into a home mechanics shop there are a few things that you may need. A couple of mandatory items are usually a battery charger and a car starter. Mainly because two things are needed, we are going to take a good look at the Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger And Starter.

One particular facet of repairing my own car that I don’t like is having to recharge the battery up after needing to start the car over and over again. You’ve most likely encountered a situation where after working on the car, the battery has died on you. Then you must add a charger to your car and wait five to ten hours before you may have any hope of the car starting again. So I was quite delighted to discover that they now have personal versions of charger and starter units that you would find in car shops. What’s cool about these devices is that they are just like the professional models but you don’t have to fork over $500 to $1000 for it.

The actual Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger And Starter happens to be an example of these affordable units. This unit is so dynamic, that specialists use this particular model as well. My own cousin operates a garage and when his $1,000 unit stopped working he went out and bought 2 of the Schumacher units and it cost him less than $300 for both units.

If you use the 10 amp setting, it is possible to fully charge up a battery in under five hours. What’s best of all is that you can charge a battery in forty minutes to two and a half hours when you crank it up to 40 amps. Not to mention my favorite feature is the 200 amp setting designed to allow you to jump start a car almost instantly. Keep in mind you can use this battery charger on any type of vehicle including motorcycles and lawn tractors due to the fact that the unit can be switched between 6 and 12 volt vehicles.

Another useful feature is a built in timer, so you’re able to set how much time something needs to be charged and walk away. You don’t need to fret about overcharging your battery all over again. Also you can use the Schumacher unit during the winter months, particularly during extremely freezing days when your car will not likely start up since it can  give your car  a nice jump  start  to begin the day.

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