Hold Your Vision On The Road

With the amount of distractions that effect people when they’re driving it is a marvel there are not more accidents.

While many people will declare that they are a good driver and they aren’t getting distracted this is simply not the truth. Even the best driver on earth will turn their heads to check out a beautiful blonde in a bikini riding in a jeep. Or a well toned man moving down the sidewalk shirtless. So you can see that people can become distracted and this the time when accidents generally happen. Here are a few actions you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a diverted driver.

One of the most essential things that anyone can do to avoid distracted driving is to turn off the cell phone. Quite a few states will at present actually ticket you if you’re seen using your cell phone while driving. Nonetheless, folks continue to do it. You can train yourself to instantly turn off your phone when you get into your car. Likewise, you can flip it back on each time you get out of the car. With convenient voice mail alternatives, you’re able to see who called while your phone was off.

If you like to hear music on your radio in the car, pick one preferred station and leave it on that station for the whole trip. You might be amazed at just how many accidents happen when someone takes their eyes off the road for just a second to do something like change the radio station. You really should look at loading up your mp3 player with your favorite music and then hooking that up in the car so you enjoy playing your preferred music.

One pastime that people probably ought not do when they drive is consume food. It’s fairly simple for most individuals to have a sub sandwich while they’re driving. However visualize the scenario when you take a bite and a bit of of the insides of your sandwich fall onto your lap. If you’re like most people, you are likely to take one hand off the steering wheel and briefly look down at your lap so you can pick up what you dropped. So now you actually have both hands off the steering wheel, one holding your sandwich and one cleaning up the mess. Mixing eating and driving doesn’t work very well.

In closing, here are two more suggestions for behavior to avoid in the car. It’s a terrible practice for women to be driving and applying makeup at the same time. Take a few more minutes at home and apply it there. Likewise, it’s not advisable for men to shave making use of their electric razors at the same time as driving. As with women, spending several extra minutes at home could get things done without the risk of causing a car accident. Most likely, you think that you will get to your destination faster if you do these activities in the car but, once you factor in how much time you will lose when you’re pulled over by the police or involved in a serious car accident, you’ll  see  that the convenience  is  not worth the risk.

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